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How to handle edit-mode face/edge select-modes without any face/edges.
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Based on this report T41562,

Simple example of the problem:

  • Add a Circle
  • Enter EditMode
  • Select Face Mode
  • Select All (AKey)
  • Grab (Nothing happens)

If you have a mesh without faces in edit-mode and use face-select for example,
Quite a lot of tools don't work usefully.
(same for edge select-mode on a mesh containing only vertices, but for purpose of discussion - just talking about faces for now).

Lists of tools which fail when edges/vertices are selected but no faces exist.

  • Transform Grab/Rotate/Scale does nothing.
  • Extrude does nothing.
  • Inconsistent de-select-all verts and edges (AKey) - (but border/circle/mouse select dont work).
  • ...Likely others exist, off hand these are the ones I can find...

There are some possible solutions.

  1. Automatically switch out of face mode (when entering edit-mode - doesn't solve problem completely since you can remove all faces while editing)
  2. Make tools support this configuration (need to check how to support for each tool).
  3. Make tools report a warning when its not supported (or add support when it makes sense), otherwise - assume users know what they're doing and not attempt to second-guess their actions.

For this design issue, Id like to come to some agreement on a good way to handle this case.

Some things to consider regarding automatic select-mode switching:

  • Users may temporarily remove all faces, so changing select-modes automatic for the users could disrupt their workflow.
  • Switching modes automatically could break scripts (and generally give unpredictable behavior).
  • Checking if the mesh has faces isn't really reliable since you may have hidden faces which is like having no faces from the users POV.