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Blender win7 32 bit crashes on file save operations
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When I´m making operations like saving this file or blender is saving frames from the animation. Blender tends to crash.

During the last 5 days I haven´t been able to render more than 5 frames at once.



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Attaching the file here:

Come on, we need your OS, CPU, RAM and GPU specifications, the version of Blender you are using, etc. etc.!

Version 2.71 but it also happens with 2.1.6 and 2.1.7. My OS is Win7 32bit as is specified ho the header.

Inter Core Duo CPU E6750 2.66GHZ - 4gB Ram

GPU: Nvida Geforce 580

Well, I could not reproduce that here (linux64, latest master), not even with debug build with asan… Would suspect a win issue, then. Or maybe a 32-bit specific one?

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It´s seems to be a Win7 32bit specific issue. I haven´t noticed it on late iMac.

I can not reproduce the crash on win7 64 bit and 32bit blender. Could be something not up to blender's bitness but system itself..

What are exact steps reproducing the crash? Can you reproduce the crash on another windows machne?

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No news since one week…