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Effects in bge
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Hi Porteries,

I check briefly the code and perhaps would be better to divide this project into 2 parts:

  • UV animation
  • particles

For the UV animation part I think it would be fine to create a new UV animation actuator (long awaited for the community) and for the particle part it should use the particle panel from blender.

Maybe we could collaborate together for this project if you want :-)

Hi lordloki, thanks to review this :) but the patch is a very old version of my system.
The new version :
The doc (but in french sorry) :

Do you want to collaborate for uv animation or particle system or both ? anyway it's yes :)

We can collaborate in both.

First, I will create a differencial for the UV animation actuator when I have access again to my home computer (now on holydays).
Regarding to the doc in french, no problem, due to my job Je peux lire un peu le français :-)

please post the .diff files here instead of things like pasteall also can you add this to the differential tool?

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This task is being closed because the BGE has been removed in Blender 2.8.