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Drivers not working for Video Sequence Editor
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System Information
KXStudio, nVidia GeForce 310M w/ 1GB of RAM.

Blender Version
Broken: 2.72 and possibly all previous)
Worked: none I know of

Short description of error
Drivers don't affect VSE clips. I'd expext them to do so, or to be disabled (not possible to assign to VSE controls) if they are not expected to work this way.

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error

  1. Run Blender;
  2. Switch to Video Editing UI preset;
  3. Add a Color clip (Add > Effect strip > Color);
  4. Right click on the strip's Color swatch to open the context menu;
  5. Select "Add Driver";
  6. Press Alt+A to play the animation.

Demo project:

The default driver creates a linear rising function that should make the black fade into white or immediately switch to white (values 1,1,1 for RGB). It doesn't happen, though.



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Not a bug - You just haven't set up the drivers correctly :)

Unlike animation (where the curves represent the value (y) for the animated property with respect to time (x)), drivers let you take some combination (e.g. using some python expression) of input values (i.e. "driver variables") as your x value instead.

To get your intended effect, you'd want the drivers to use an expression like:

frame / 255

where 255 is how long you want the transition to take (since colors are represented as floats - i.e. decimals between 0 and 1)

Thanks :D
May I just ask - If I just wanted to get noise input for a given parameter of a VSE strip, what should I do?