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Texture Painting in Blender 2.72a
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Windows 7 - Geforce GTX 580

Blender version: 2.72a

Texture painting crashes Blender

Open Blender
Subdivide a cube two times
Add Subdivision Surface at "2"
Smooth Shading added
Enter in Texture Painting
Immediate Crash

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Bah... :/
Regression in 2.72a, 2.72 itself was fine.

Edit: Add Subsurf 2 -> Go to Texture Paint Mode is sufficient for the crash.

Crash in Linux too with 2.72a.

Opensuse 13.1/64
Intel i5 3770K
GTX 760 4 GB (Display)
GTX 560Ti 1.28 GB 448 Cores
Driver 343.19

Cheers, mib