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Wrong GLSL transparency when unselected objects
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System Information
Win7 64 geforce 240

Blender Version
Broken: 2.72b

Transparent planes display well when selected, but a glitch appear when unselected (background goes though other objects)



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Can I have a file with the issue please?

I've found some similar issues. It seems that viewport doesn't draw the objects in the correct Z order, so this bug happens. But it draws the selected one the last, and that is why it seems to be correct with the object selected.

Hope your work with viewport branch will solve this, as it is a pain to work with planes with transparency. This file is an example of my work: an interface driven by the game engine, and it is composed by dozens of planes, put in different z heights. As you imagine, the view gets really messed up. But the strange thing is that it looks well in the game engine, go figure.

Thanks for your work, devs!!

We still don't draw based on material options but rather we draw based on object options, You can force transparent objects to draw last by using the transparent option in the object properties. I know it sucks, but drawing based on materials is a long term todo for our viewport project. Thanks for the report!