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Hair Particles appearance in 3D View don't refresh automatically
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Win 7 64 bit

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When controlling a Hair Particle System by Vertex Groups, the appearance of the particles don't refresh automaticlly after doing changes in the Data Buttons -> "Vertex Groups" and if the Vertex Group is allready selected in the Particle System, to control the particle density, for example.
In this case I need to go to the Particle System afterwards and do select the same, already selected Vertex Group again, to get the correct 3D View apperence.

However, this is not necessary when I do changes on this Vertex Group by using the Weight Paint Tool. Then the Viewport appearance of the particles refreshes instantly.

Greetings Martin


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Probably @Lukas Toenne (lukastoenne) can check? (though I expect that with current particle system update underway we will possibly just ignore fixes to the current system for now)

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I think setting priority to "low" is okay here, since the particle system is being reworked currently.

Problem is that this code$2523

is used in the paint stroke/vertex paint operator, but not in the vertex group assign/remove operators:$2802

It explicitly tags particle systems on the object for recalc because the depsgraph doesn't work for this stuff ...
The new depsgraph system will fix it, i'd rather not add more such awful hacks at this point.

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