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SmartUV wrong aspect ratio projection on non square images
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System Information
Mobile Intel Core i7 720QM (1.66GHz), Win7 Pro 64bit, 8GB RAM, NVIDIA GTS 360M with 1GB VRAM

Blender Version
Broken: Blender 2.72.3 64bit (Hash: 690345a) ( from b.b.o.
Worked: I don't know (tested back to 2.62 and I get the same behaviour)

Short description of error
SmartUV projection on a non square image stretches the UV islands proportional to the image's aspect ratio.

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error
I am not sure if the SmartUV projection is intended to be used only with square images, in that case it works fine and shame on me. Sorry.

Anyway, here are the steps:

  • Open Blender
  • enable factory settings
  • split the screen to add the UV/Image Editor
  • in the Image Editor create a new non square image (eg. 1024 x 512)
  • select the default cube
  • assign and properly map (UV coord) the above image to the default material on the default cube
  • unwrap the cube with SmartUV Project

You should notice that instead of squares the UV islands are rectangles whose aspect ratio is apparently driven by the associated image's aspect ratio.
While in other UV modes there is a checkbox named Correct Aspect which helps when dealing with non square images, with SmartUV this option seems not to be available (or applicable?).

A similar bug report, perhaps related to the above, might be T39601.