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Smoke does not work with Hi-RES and Sub Frames
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win 8.1
blender 2.72

asus n53sn

for example
a plane as source particle
and smoke source is particle
if use smoke hi res and use sampling sub frame for particle smoke setting
simulate do not work!!!
but if change flow sampling to linear blender do sim
but in full sample mode not work

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Please always attach a .blend file for such issues!

I can't confirm here, can you attach a test file with steps to see the problem?

Indeed, it seems like the data are not even generated in that case, rendering has the same issue. Miikah to the rescue?

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I don't know if it is a known limitation.
But if Set Size option in Smoke Flow settings is enabled, it works.

Looks like a specific bug for combination of subframes, full sample high res and particle system with "set size" ticked off.

It tries to use full sample version of particles when it isn't available.