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The "Fill Deformed" option in a curve's Object Data is inert...
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System Information
WIN7 SP1 2xAsus Rog

Blender Version
Broken: 2.72b

Short description of error

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error
1- Open provided BALLON_SAMPLE.blend file

2- Select the curve object named "CURVE". The curve is shrink wrapped around the "BALLOON" object
3- Go to the curve's Object Data
4- Check and uncheck the "Fill Deformed" option to see that nothing changes. The procedural geometry around the circle remains affected by the shrink wrap modifier on the modifier stack of the circle no matter what. As I gather from the docs, the procedural geometry generated should come after any deformer if the fill deformed option is unchecked...



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Thanks for the report, but 'fill' options only apply to 2D raw curves (like a Bézier circle and such). Here you are using a 3D extruded curve, those do not care about fill options at all. :)

Thanx, didn't know that but please understand that that option should go for both 2D and 3D curves alike, it would have made a world of difference with the rig I'm working on atm. It's a bit redundant for the generated mesh to be affected by deformation imo. Hope someone will agree and look into it in the near future.

I agree this option would make sense for 3d curves. For example I am using a curve as a spring, and as the curve is stretched so too is the radius of the spring curve along its length. Ideally of course the curve should get deformed, then the geometry around it is filled without the additional bevel stretching.