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Blender won't open
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I am using Windows 8 on my Toshiba laptop

Broken: Blender 2.72

When I click on Blender. the console window appears but it is just blank. then nothing happens. i cant open the program at all

I was working on texture painting a stag for a school project and then my whole computer just froze. After shutting down my laptop and restarting it the problem occured



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Hey there,
Crashes on startup can be caused by a few problems, so let's try a couple of things:

  • Test with the latest build from Buildbot
  • Start Blender via command line using --factory-startup (let me know if you need help with that - using google is allowed too, though ;P)
  • Make sure you're using latest drivers (especially video drivers)
  • Upload the blender.crash.txt generated by Blender - something like C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Temp\blender.crash.txt
  • Download opengl32.dll from and put it into the same folder as the blender.exe. This will switch blender to fully software opengl mode, avoiding possible issues with driver/configuration.

Thanks for the report @Luis Andres Pineda (Pined-Colada) :)

First of all, Thanks for responding so quickly and also i would like to apologize for my ignorance with computers, this is the first laptop I've ever had to myself and I have very little experience with it.

Alright so I don't know how to do a factory start-up.
I don't know how to check for video drivers
I've searched the files and i didn't find the crash generator
The link you posted shows the message "404 - Not found"

  • let's postpone the factory startup for now, we can still test that later
  • Just tell me which graphics card you have and I'll give you a link to the correct driver (just google something like "get graphics card info", I'd like to avoid adding links to extraneous sites ;) )
  • let's postpone that for now, too
  • sorry, my fault, proper link here

Also something to take care of: On you can see the following note:

If Blender reports an error on startup, please install the Visual C++ 2013 Redistributable Package. Click here.

Have you installed that? If you're not sure, just download it and try to install, it should abort if it's already installed

Ok, so I tried the rest and it didn't work so this is the graphic cards info

Name: Intel(R) HD Graphics 4000
Manufacturer: Intel Corporation
Chip Type: Intel(R) HD Graphics family
DAC Type: Internal
Device Type: Full display device
Approx. Total memory: 1792 MB
Current Display mode: 1366 x 768 (32 bit) (60 Hz)
Monitor: Generic PnP Monitor

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@Luis Andres Pineda (Pined-Colada) please don't assign tasks to yourself

Try these links

depending on which computer you have 32 bit and 64 bit use the corresponding file and place it next to blender.exe

Windows 32-bit

Windows 64-bit

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alright i so i downloaded the files and put them in the folder. now what? the program still isn't responding

So you have visual c++
you have the latest build from
you downloaded the Intel Driver
and have tried placing the operate .dll in the blender folder
tried starting blender from the command line (cmd)

If you have not done any of these please try them. If you need any help let us know

alright so i tried using the command line and I would type "start blender.exe" but then the message. "the system cannot find the file blender.exe" would appear

So you have windows 8 so this is going to be easier.

  1. Go to the folder contain blender.exe
  2. Under file go to command prompt

  1. type blender.exe into cmd
  2. tell us what happens

nothing happened.
Maybe a problem might be that I don't have a file that actually says "blender.exe" even after re-downloading it

This sound lick it could be python related do you have any python environments set up on your computer?

If you don't know you probably don't

also please try without a fire wall, and other security sowftware and in airplain mode (disconect from wifi)

I don't know of any python environments and Blender wasn't listed as a program in the window that lets me run programs without a firewall.
l have downloaded blender but it doesn't seem to show up as program

Alright then let use re cap again

Have you tested with the build bot version of blender
Have you downloaded the drivers

Actually I am taking my laptop to geek squad because I noticed that other things aren't working. YouTube can't show videos, Pandora goes haywire when I open it, League of Legends (video game) doesn't open either, none of the Microsoft office programs open either. Browser and other features still work though. So maybe after my laptop is fixed Blender will work again

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Changing to normal until computer is fixed

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After looking at your first disciption it looks like it could be a virus. Instead of taking it to geek squad try using your default virus protection and this software
This software works really great and it has fixed many of my problems.

Tell us if you are still taking your computer to geek squad. But I highly recommend tring this first before giving your computer to someone

Yeah, I decided to take it, thanks for the tip though

Aaron Carlisle (Blendify) claimed this task.

I am going to close this if you get fixed or not please tell us

Alright, go ahead, thank you again for helping