Nurbs Spline Control Point Weight can be easily confused with Spline Point Softbody Weight
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System Information
ubuntu 14.04 64bits

Short description of error
Somebody that is seaching to modify weights of points of a nurbs object will look at this panel.

What is obviously labelled Weight is relative to Softbody Goal and has an effect only in cases when object has a softbody modifier.
The weight of control point is in fact, the W value under XYZ coordinates.

There is no reason to group weight with axis coordinates. It is a control point setting but radius and tilt are control point settings too.

Ideally, Softbody Goal Weight should be invisible or greyed out until object has a softbody modifier.


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W value is more important than softbody goal weight.
W value can be considered as a modeling feature when using nurbs as important as subdivision modifier when working with meshes.

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I actually think we have a design task here. UI-Mafia: Load the guns!

Nurbs weights were broken time ago. I remember having the right behaviour back on 2.62. Modifying the point's weights affected the curve evaluation without the need of a softbody modifier.

Is there any reason why a nurbs point would have 2 different weights, cant softbody use the existing weight rather than create a new property?
Is it posible to bring back how weights affected the curve without having to apply a softbody modifier?

I dont understand why now we need the not obvious extra step in order to use nurbs weights, when this was working before.