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I have deployed Blender with a custom startup scene and some enabled addons on a network drive, so that every user here can run Blender from there with all the settings and addons.

The problem is that the users can't generate their own startup/settings because the config folder on the server has a higher priority than the user config (they would change the settings for all users, they see the last opened scenes from all users, and so on).

This doesn't make sense at all, and it is different in all other software I can think of. User settings should always override system settings (or "local settings" to stay in the official Blender terms as it is the config in the unzipped blender folder).

So if a user hits ctrl+U, the settings should be stored in his user folder (and loaded from there next time he starts it)

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error

  • download a zipped Blender installation
  • unzip it to a network drive
  • create a custom startup file and enable some addons and store this configurations with the blender install (\\networkdriv\blender-2.73a-windows64\2.73\config)
  • let a bunch of users run Blender from there and inspire them to configure Blender to their needs
  • hear them cry when someone else has overwritten their configurations



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This is not a bug - blender does not switch user preference directories once it starts (and as far as I know few software do, if any).

As far as I know blender will generate user preferences in a user directory if it doesn't find any in its own folder, so if you really want your users to have their own preferences, give them a copy of your user preference file to put into their user folders, but don't put your own preferences in the blender folder because that will make blender use those.

Note - this system is designed so that users can have multiple builds in the same machine without preferences of one influencing the preferences of another. So I don't think we will be changing this anytime soon.

My guess is that people who are using multiple builds are:

  • powerusers who know what they are doing anyway
  • by far not as many as regular satisfied-with-the-official-build users.

It would be easy for them to skip their userfolder and only use the config that belongs to each build.

Just sayin'