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Particle -> Hair -> object has bad orientation.
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System Information

Sabayon KDE linux Fully updated 2.73a blender from blender server, Nvidia card.

Add a plane
Add Suzanne and edit to move origin to bottom of her.
Add particle system to plane ->hair -> object -> Suzanne

Suzanne will end up face down and in the plane halfway. This makes no sense.

If you turn on advanced particles and then rotation and set it to object Y or global Y, it will then face correctly. This is a lot of steps to get it to something it should be anyway. Clearly not something a beginner would find and the manual says nothing about this ether.

I don't see any way to get Suzanne to face in random directions, North, East West etc or to tilt her in a controlled way. These are very important when doing something like grass. You want it to be rotated for sure per partial and randomly and tilting is also often good. It is true than you can effect this a bit but as best as I can tell not in a very controlled way.

Douglas E Knapp



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Don’t think there is any bug here… just a matter of spaces. Not a regression for sure, 2.72 behaves the same.

Lukas, will let you decide here.

Bastien Montagne (mont29) triaged this task as Normal priority.

Particle orientation is very limited, especially when you combine it with hair instancing (tbh i don't even see why this is supposed to work ...) Anyway, it's not a bug, just bad design.

If you want to create grass i suggest to either create a moving strand and then instance this using regular particles, or use a particle instance modifier on a hair system with "follow paths" and make instances of this system.

I found some settings under Object:->Relations Extras -> tracking Axes and Up Axis that change the orientation of the "particle". It sill does not give the control I would like.

This way of working (with hair particles) is commonly used. Take a look at Andrew Price's video for an example. Andrew seems to have solved part of the problem by just rotating all is grass 90 degrees as an object and not applying it.

I am still working on your. " follows paths", idea.