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Hook falloff is bad mkay?
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System Information

openSUSE 12.3 64bits
AMD FX-8350

Blender Version
Broken: 3dbfebc

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and move hook. This is the "best case scenario". Only partial selection. If a larger selection is done the falloff is worst


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could it just be that the center of the modifier is not where you want it to be? trysnapping the cursor to your empty and recentering

@bassam kurdali (bassamk) mm well in the video it already does it like that. But I don't think the 3D cursor has anything to do afaik

what I mean is, the center of the modifier hook influence is afaik at the center of the selected vertices, and the sphere of influence might then intersect the surface oddly. That might explain why applying the modifier to all the verts is so different (and worse) than half.
If you snap the cursor to your hook, pop into edit mode on the monkey, and then click recenter in the modifier, it should give you nicer results. Might not be perfect yet, but nicer.

You are right. I was expecting the "hook to selected object" option would automatically center based on the selected object.

The falloff problem seems to be related to it using what it looks like a root falloff which is quite harsh at the edges.

I would very much appreciate if the customization from the Warp modifier could be ported into hooks!

Well this is risking being closed as a feature request at this point. Before that happens I'm assigning to cam to see what he thinks cos I'd really like to have this for Tara

Oh gawd another problem, I tough I was so close to something usable. Hook falloff works in local space. So the object's scale deforms the falloff shape. I guess I need world space falloff or a way to correct for the local scale factor? What do you think @Campbell Barton (campbellbarton)? is that difficult to implement? I can not apply the scale of the object since it's a lattice.

Edit: Or well I *can apply it*, strangely it seems that the lattice object supports applying scale, however the lattice modifier stretches the entire model then.. Maybe it's a matter of fixing the lattice mod so it supports irregular lattices with applied scales? I think I would prefer this solution @bassam kurdali (bassamk)

Here's the problem illustrated

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Resolved for 2.74 - closing