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AnimPlayer and Fluids
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Broken: AnimPlayer

Short description of error

When I try to preview an animation nothing I've given keyframes or anything with physics will move.

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mangostaniko added a subscriber: mangostaniko.EditedFeb 25 2015, 7:24 PM

does the timeline cursor move when you start the preview?

in cake.blend there don't seem to be any keyframed properties (as seen from the dope sheet or outliner).
the softbody simulation of the candle flame plays and caches nicely though (in 2.73a on Ubuntu 14.04.1)

in the other scene, everything that should animate (the rigged body, the particles, the food) animates as it should, there is just far too much going on in the scene.
try reducing the amount of particle systems as well as the geometry (e.g. for the patches of snow in the background you can use 10 verts instead of 200 if you model it well).

some basic hints:
consider that more geometry does not necessarily mean more realism. also, be aware of the effect of the 'uncanny valley': perfect realism (model, animation, material, illumination) is hard to achieve and if its not a perfect illusion things may seem uncanny. its probably easier to use less polygons but use them to give distinct shapes that evoke the desired associations (like caricature, where faces are not realistic, but all the relevant properties that the artist tries to convey are well articulated).

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