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Blender segfaults when importing Python module in OSX
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System Information
OSX 10.9.5

Blender Version
Broken: 2.73, 2.72, ...
Worked: home-built Blender with Frameworks Python

Short description of error
Blender segfaults when I import the home-built 'vrpn' module.
The same module works fine if I import it from the system Python, or if I build Blender using the Frameworks Python option.

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error

import sys
import vrpn

Full backtrace of segfault: P207

Tested using hash: d4a0345c from VRPN repository (git://
And 19656233 from Blender's repository

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This is the Python module I built: (OSX only)

Checked and it loads fine on Linux (in/out of Blender).
(build "33e9509828f30594852ffd2a0f1dfefcc2e97960", CMake, options -DVRPN_GPL_SERVER=OFF -DVRPN_USE_GPM_MOUSE=OFF)

The crash is happening outside Blender's code,
recently we ran into a crash on Linux which only happened inside Blender, but ended up being caused by a conflict shared libraries used by Blender and the module.

The exact libraries aren't important, but heres a summary of the problem:

Using LD_DEBUG=files helped track down the problem here:

You want to compare the libraries loaded in Blender with the ones Python uses to see if symbols from Blender's libraries are getting used by vrpn

Setting as *unconfirmed*. this is fairly unlikely to be a bug in Blender's code. I expect its some configuration issue.

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can anybody plz help me
my name amirul using windows 7 32bit
currently i build game from blender game but by using FAAST 1.2 cannot control the game.
how can i make it work? can anybody explain to me how to activate vrpn in blender game so that it receive the command. If it use a python scripts,do PM me. i can't even find addons module for vrpn to blender. pplz do help me. im appreciate if u can do so,tqvm

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Nothing new here, thanks for the report, but time to archive.