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Bevel UV mapping with several UV maps.
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System Information
Win7, GTX 640

Blender Version
Broken: 2.71.1

Short description of error
When applying bevel with 2 segments, another uv map gets holes.

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error
Here we have a "hill" and it's UV channel (2nd channel):
We switch now to the 3rd UV channel (for example) and make bevel with 2 segments.
Do you see the texture gets cut? We are still looking at the map, which is set by 2nd UV channel.
Let's see, what happened in 2nd channel. We are switching back from 3rd one. And here it is
A hole.

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Pictures are fine, but a blend file with the exact setup just before the bevel with appropriate selection would be preferable. We do our work but you need to help us be on the same page.

Here is blend file. Just apply the bevel, set Segments to 2 (if not set) and switch to UVmap1

Confirmed I'll see if I can make this work

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