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MouseLook (actuator) triggers MouseMovement (sensor) on other objects permanently
Closed, ResolvedPublic


System Information
Win 7, nvidia GT425

Blender Version
2.73a 'bbf09d9' official version
also on 2.74 testbuild ed5df50

Short description of error
Once the MouseLook actuator is triggered for the 1st time using a MouseMovement sensor or a Always sensor,
any other MouseMovement sensor on any other object is acting like if the mouse is moving even when it's not.

Steps to reproduce the error

  • start game engine on the blender file attached.
  • move the mouse and stop, the cube should stop rotating but it continues to rotate.
  • deactivate the sensor connected to the mouse look actuator on the camera object, start game engine again and move the mouse. The cube only rotates when the mouse moves has expected.