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Hello, might be the total wrong place to post this ...

I took some quick screenshots to show how typical CAD imports look with and without custom split normals - maybe helpfull for documentation of this feature?


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@ronald engel (ronald8e) Thanks for the pictures, they will make nice example of that usecase indeed. :) I assume they are free to use/modify?

The cap is free.

The aventador is a downloaded step file from ( and for educational purposes the author "should" be mentioned. The author is Fateh Merrad: or

@ronald engel (ronald8e), Ton just asked for the .blends of the images, could you upload them here?

Yes, of course - I'll upload them tomorrow when I'm back at work ...

the aventador exceeds the upload size limit - you can dl it from my dropbox here:


Hi Ronald,

That's great. Are you ok to share it as CC-BY, with your name as attribution?

Hello Ton,

the cap is just one part of a larger assemblie from one of our clients. I'm pretty sure that the nda of our company prohibits any use of data from our clients. On the other hand its just a plastic cap. I'm not sure for what you want to use it. I could look for a visually less recognizable part like a screw or something which you can use and share as CC0 if you want. Just let me know!

For the aventador I think I can't give any rights or so because I just downloaded it and do not own it or made it by myself. We could ask the author though (see comments above).


PS: A long time ago I bought a printet ring binded blender manual from NaN - so it's quite a honor and fun to talk to you now :)

Hi Ronald,

I will not share the blend file with the car then, too confusing this licensing bizz.
On we just stick to 'totally free to use and to share' for that reason :)

I will check on the cap and add it to our collection then.

PS: still got the book? It's a classic collectors item now! :)

Hello Ton,

yes the manual should still be in some box down in the basement :)

Instead of using client stuff I just did some quick objects in cad software and exported/converted/imported them. Not as fancy as the aventador but one can clearly see the advantage of having custom normals support. You can use and share it if you want with no restrictions or any copyright from my side.

Happy Easter!