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Sticky Keys: TabKey cannot be used to enter editmode
Closed, ResolvedPublicBUG


System Information
Windows 8.1, 64-bit

Blender Version
Broken: 7157f3dbce257d9f9a0df7b243e306949fb9678e

Short description of error
The Tab key can't be used to toggle in and out of Edit Mode on objects.

There are no addons enabled (i.e. specifically, the pie menu addon is not enabled)

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error

  1. Default file / factory defaults
  2. Tab (over the 3D View)

Event Timeline

Joshua Leung (aligorith) raised the priority of this task from to 90.
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Julian Eisel (Severin) lowered the priority of this task from 90 to Normal.Apr 6 2015, 6:54 AM

Eeek, this is a bit serious but I can't recreate that here. Sounds what's described later in T44275 though. Seems to come from one of the more recent changes I made, so would you mind doing a quick bisect session for me?
Before that you should make sure you're not holding the key by any chance, since we had to hardcode the stickies that will be used by the Pie Add-on holding down Tab does currently nothing, only clicking/tapping it should toggle.
Setting to "Normal" for now, but should be raised if it can't be resolved quickly and more people are affected.

It was still normal with the build package of rBa1c2b1a8a88e.

There's a noticeable lag pressing Tab for edit mode and so now compared to 2.74 official. I assume because it's waiting for the release event, this feels considerably less "snappy" to me. I dont like it.

@Olson Burry (olson) Check Sticky Keys Click Timeout under Preferences > Input. I find you can lower it to about 170 without problems.

Or you can change the Tab to be press, not click. No pies then, and no lag.

@Paweł Łyczkowski (plyczkowski), unfortunately changing the Click Timeout doesn't help here, changing this means just the key release has to happen earlier.

Just a follow-up on the later report on T44275.

Thanks, that's fixed here too.

I dont use Pies. I dont want sticky keys. How about making this thing a user preference to "opt-in" on, instead of a forced feature.

I dont want to sounds like a negative nancy Julian, it's just this is going to affect everyone and they've already started to notice.

Severin said that it did not have a meaning to change Sticky Keys Click Timeout, but Tab key came to react even if I had been pushing the key for a long time to some extent if I raised a value of Click Timeout so that plyczkowski said.

version 2.74 (sub 4), branch b'master', commit date b'2015-04-07' b'01:25', hash b'9510137', b'Release'

There was sometimes time not to react with the existing value.

Hmm, now "loop cut and slide" (ctrl+r) is kinda broken.

Previously you would click once for selecting the desired loop, then you could slide the new loop until you clicked again to confirm.

Now it "confirms" on first click, making it useless.

Can be mitigated somewhat by setting the event to "release", but then you have to hold click to slide, and release to confirm. (need to retrain muscle memory for that)

Seems the "opt-in" suggested above is not such a bad idea.

P.S. slide is similarly broken too