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Problem using the 360 controller
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System Information
Intel Core i5-3350P Windows 8 x64.
Nvidia GeForce GT 620

Blender Version
Broken: (all versions after 2.72b)
Worked: (2.72b)

The problem shows after upgrading 2.72b version to any new version. My joystick controller setups for all games I made no longer function properly. None of the joystick logic bricks work and will immediately shut down the program when I try to redo the different axis. it will function the first run of the game but the controls are all mixed up. (Up = Right) the second run the controller does not function at all.

I was not able to figure any way around this except just keep using the version 2.72b



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This task is a duplicate of T43883. It is due to SDL2 using Xinput for windows