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Mouse Click Merge
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Project: Blender Extensions
Tracker: Python Scripts Upload
Blender: 2.70-
Category: 3D View
Python: 3.4
Script name: Mouse Click Merge
Author(s): Nutti
Status: Open


I wrote new blender's add-on.
This add-on can merge nearest neighbor vertex by mouse clicking.
This add-on is made inspired by modeling tool 'Metasequoia'.
Metasequoia official page

Here is usage.

  1. Click 'Start Merge Tool' on right side menu on "View 3D" which can be opened by 'N' key.
  2. Left click a vertex which will be merged.
  3. Left click + Right click simultaneously to nearest neighbor vertex.
  4. Click 'Stop Merge Tool' to finish this tool.

Also, I made tutorial video.

Face To Transform Orientation (v0.2) Tutorial


Any problems, comments and proposals are welcome.




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Sorry, I wrote wrong link about tutorial video.

Mouse Click Merge (v0.1) Tutorial

Version 0.2 released.

New feature

  • Support "Merge Type".
  • Support "Merge with UV".

Tutorial video

Version 0.3 released.

New feature

  • Flip Diagonal
  • Add shortcut key for starting/stopping operation

Tutorial Video

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too similar to auto merge.
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