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Baking particle dynamics is limited to Start-End scene's range
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Baking particle dynamics is limited to Start-End scene's range.

  1. Just change the Scene's End frame to 51.
  2. Add a default particle system to the default cube.
  3. Change the End frame of the Particle System to 81.
  4. Go to the cache settings. Bake the simulation.
  5. Rise up the Timeline and scroll through time. The simulation stops at frame 51, overriding the Particle System's frame range.

Emission Particle systems seems to be the only dynamics stopping at scene's frame range. All other simulations seems to work fine, even the hair dynamics, which respect a better design scheme. It's really annoying to be aware of the scene's frame range to bake particles. It was bothering during all my last project, having to change the settings, baking, then changing the settings again to continue with the scene, all over again during tests.

I think the baking system should be aware of the particle settings and the particles lifetime. Maybe an additional checkbox could give the artist the choice to take the particle lifetime into account, so that it only stops the baking when the last emitted particle died.




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Hrrrmmm… this sounds more like feature request than bug actually - current cache system might be a bit stupid here, but it works as expected…

Also, we'd rather add settings to cache panel in this case imho, end of particle emission is not end of particles (you have to add lifetime…).

Anyway, let’s see what Lukas says about this.

Bastien Montagne (mont29) lowered the priority of this task from Needs Triage by Developer to Normal.May 1 2015, 3:34 PM

Works as expected. The system is stupid, but not a bug.

It may be not a bug from the dev perspective, but from the user perspective, it feels like a bug, because the software is not actually doing what it says it's doing. So, does this mean that no change will be done? even if we know the software isn't doing the right thing?
What's the problem with adding particles lifetime?