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Particles: emit on Verts - messed up Indexes - not matching geometry
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System Information
Osx 10.9.5

Blender Version
Broken:Blender 2.74 Official #000dfc0
Worked: (optional)

Short description of error
A Particle System set to emit from Verts, no random, with ParticleCount == Vertices Count: The resulting Particle System Indexes do not match those of the Vertices.

The issue seems only to come into play if the source Geometry has separate Mesh Islands!

See attachement Image:

(I used Sverchok to Display the Geometry Vertices!)

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error

Open Bug_ParticlesIndexing.blend and compare ID of Particles with ID Vertices.
(For easy display of Vertices you can install Sverchok



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Bastien Montagne (mont29) claimed this task.

Thanks for the report, but I see no bug here? There is no reason nor guarantee particles ID should match vertex indices…

if you need id to display in sverchok use note node as text input index viewer.
and insert id data from Kosvor's scene nodes

If you need to connect with edges - use KDTree edges to find closest points.