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User can not hear sound when drilled into a meta strip in the VSE
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System Information
Everything - it works the same on all machines

Blender Version
Broken: forever
Worked: (never - it's sort of a feature request)

Short description of error
User can not hear sound when drilled into a meta strip in the VSE.

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error

  1. Open example Blend{F178770}
  2. Drill into meta strip in VSE (tab)
  3. Note there is no way to hear the sound from within the metastrip
  4. Note it would be nice to have a way to hear sound from within the metastrip (maybe ability to mark a sound file or metastrip of sound files as the "Master sounds" and a checkbox to "Play master sound at all times"


To Do

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Thanks for the report, but there is no bug here, it works as expected. This sounds more like feature request - which are not allowed on the tracker. Please use forums or bf-funboard ML for that.

So, looked into it and making this work is quite simple even, but since it's enforced centrally looks like it's so by design, so I would like feedback to make sure this is intended to work as you want.

For me it makes sense as well to not mute sound - sound is not the same as picture, but there might be non - apparent use cases here. I think the most common one would be to have a metastrip of sounds and use it as an easy way to mute all other channels. Since blender does not differentiate between image and sound metastrip though, this quickly becomes a problem. A solo option per strip can solve this but it's not that usual. In any case, we need more people to make the decision.

I don't think that it should behave in this way either

OK so it's three of us. Now we need to make sure that most users are OK with this too. Or I can play dictator of sequencer, commit the change and just follow any screams when the time comes.

I would do it, but not in bug fix period. There is not enough time to gather feedback and I'd rather have the current state in release (with just 3 known screams so far) rather than a new state with an unknown number of screams - may be less than 3 but I'm not risking it.

You can land it into gooseberry and see what people around the studio think. I dont see any reason on why this is like this

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I can imagine supporting this by:

  • introducing concept of tracks as a 1D component of timeline. This would be in compliance with OTIO model.
  • using advanced automation tools. I guess nodes is a way to go

With these words, I am closing this task