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Copy Attributes Menu Addon could have the vanilla Blender Copy (to buffer or pose) as its first option
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Copy Attributes Menu Addon is simply an amazing tool, but the problem is it use Ctrl+C from the usefull Copy to Buffer or copy Pose from Blender, disabling it. So I have to enable and disable Copy Attributes Menu all the time. One workarround would be to create another keybind for it, but it is not the ideal way.
My suggestion is simple: To add the Original Copy as the first option at the Copy Attribute Menu. So even we enable it we still be able to access the other one without disabling the addon.


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Thanks for the suggestion, but we do not accept feature requests on this tracker (use forums or bf-funboard ML for that).
Please do not create design/todo tasks, they are reserved to developers.

Sorry and thanks for the advice. Cheers.