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Sapling Curve shape is broken on Blender 2.75RC2
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System Information
Windows 7 Professional 64bits
16Gb RAM
nVidia GTX 960

Blender Version
2.75RC2 Hash: c85a58a

The shape field is turned off.



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Stange, guys... The same happens in version 2.74... Am I making something wrong?

After make many branch configurations, I back to the Geometry settings and the shape field was on...

Thomas Beck (plasmasolutions) closed this task as Invalid.

Please read the documentation of this addon before reporting bugs. And please make at least a screenshot to show us the issue - we have to spend too much time to search for a small button somewhere in the gui to find it.

In your case I found the issue very easily: Just hover over the "shape" combobox you can see the hint that you "need at least three levels of branching" before it is activated. So go to "branch splitting" set "Levels" to 3 and all will be fine..

Closing your report now...
greetings Thomas

Thank you and sorry. Version 2.73 was different...