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Softbody on Game Engine makes a segment fault
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Broken version: 2.75 (from
No matter if uses old or new depsgraph.

Working version: 2.74 (from

Softbody object makes Blender crash with a segment fault.

-New scene, make the default cube to have Softbody dynamics, change render engine to Game, start Game Engine: CRASH.

Ubuntu 14.04 64x, nVidia GT620.

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also happens when you set it in character, works fine in 7.75 rc2

CPU: i7 3537u
RAM: 4gb
GFX: nVidia 720m
OS: Windows 8 64 sp1
Blender: 2.75


There was a regression bug (already fixed in current master). Could you check if everything is ok with last night build (

Thanks for your time.