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Motion blur and Follow track constrain
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System Information
Linux min 17.1 64-bit
i7 X980
Blender Version
Broken: 2.75a c27589e

Short description of error
Motion Blur doesn't work correct with an object linked to an empty with a Follow track-constraint

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error

  1. Load footage into movie clip editor and track a feature a couple of frames. Preferably a fast moving one.
  2. Press the "Link empty to track".
  3. In the 3d view create any geometry and parent it to the newly created empty/track
  4. Turn on the motion blur and render.
  5. save render
  6. Collapse the Follow Track-constrain to a F-curve
  7. Render again and compare the two renders. See image{F205178}

The object rendered with the Follow Track-constraint (nr 1 in the image) is incorrect

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@arild andersson (konke) are you using Cycles or internal renderer (or does the issue happen with both)? Also, please always attach a .blend file (with very short video in this case) to demonstrate the issue, really helps to quickly checks the issue…

Sergey, think this one is in your area(s).