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Rigid body joint spasms
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working 2.74 -

not working 2.74.5 and 2.75

Rigid body jointed object goes insane.

I disabled the rigid body joint and the actor resumes normal behavior - testing in 2.74 vs ( 2.74.5 and 2.75) - isolated the rigid body joint as the issue. noted strange 'empty axis' that appears in the background?



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Ok, so I thought about it,

I copied all the relevant logic that was in the previous rigid body into a new object, and deleted the old rigid body

fixed it,

so it's a issue with bringing in an older game object, and was not repeatable in 2.75 by creating new objects.

tried only deleting joint and adding new joint = no go

deleted rigid body object, then added new = fixed.

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Unbreak now is for pre-release show-stoppers.

I will keep that in mind

almost all my projects use at least one rigid body joint.

it was scary.....

Hi! @Jacob Merrill (blueprintrandom): Could you provide an ultra simplified .blend that shows the error beetween 2.74 and latest versions, please?

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@Jacob Merrill (blueprintrandom): you don't provide any test file for more than a month, so i close it as incomplete, reopen it when you will provide the test file.

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No news since one week…

the problem was from moving a scene from a older version to a new version, and was fixed by deleting a rigid body, and adding one back.

as far as I can tell, I was the only one effected.