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VSE Compositor! How awesome would be that?
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Hey guys from Blender.
What do you think? How awesome would it be when you can use the VSE also Professional? I mean, doing simple vfx task quicker.
I like the idea to select a strip, go to properties and say e.g. "Compositor for this clip" then the VSE preview window (right top corner) change to a single clip compositor with backdrop etc. No extra scene, no addons, just a simple button. For composition different clips in one go, just add this opportunity to the "adjustment layer".
Thanks for reading, I would really appreciate this new feature, and I think I'm not the only one ^^
Maybe you can achieve this by creating for every clip a unseen own SCENE so you can use 3D and motion tracking as well..
Simply, to make the VSE more powerful. Or just let it interact with the other functions, to be more in the middle.

(Sry for bad english)
PPS: I know this script, but I woud like to have a more cleaner solution!


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Improvements to the VSE are on the long term to-do list but to-do's are reserved for developers to make. So unless you can do this for the Blender community we have to close this. Besides developers are busy getting ready for Blender 2.8

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