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Incorrect dimension increment stepping when using other than Blender units
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Windows 7 Professional - Nvidia GeForce GTX 760

Broken:Blender 2.75

In 3D window Properties panel the Dimensions XYZ stepping arrows add or subtract 0.01 Blender units per press.

If however the Units of the scene are changed from 'None' (default Blender units) to either 'Metric' or 'Imperial' then the stepping arrows now add or subtract in whole units. This increment is far greater than is useful and is unexpected behaviour for the user.

For example, if the scene is set to metric units each press of the arrow in Dimensions will add or subtract an entire meter rather than the expected one-hundreth of a meter.



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That's indeed weird but not sure if it's something we can easily resolve with current units system in blender.

@Bastien Montagne (mont29) or @Julian Eisel (Severin) will know!

Checking this in similar cases shows that it always behaves like that. Small steps in Blender units, big ones in metric units.
Not sure if this is easy to fix in our unit system though, not really familiar with it.

Hi @ all, please have a look here. I did look whether a similar bug might already be there, but did not find this one, sorry.

I did find a solution that works well, but might require some more tweaking in other places, for example when sliding the size slider of an area light - that's slower than with other object sizes. Other than that, my fix works fine.

Sorry @prout reprout (all), did not want to add you as subscriber, phone autocorrect-removed a space.

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Grmll, closed by rB883b420a5156!