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Bsurfaces fails to Reorder Splines (based on GP stroke)
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System Information

Linux 64b

Blender Version

Broken: Blender 2.75 (sub 2)

Short description of error

Py error on trying to use the Reorder Splines feature

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error

Enable Bsurfaces


Click on Edit Strokes

Draw GP line from left to right touching all 3 splines (it's already set to object and surface)

Click on Reorder Splines

Info: Applied modifier only changed CV points, not tessellated/bevel vertices
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/home/zanqdo/Blender/build_linux/bin/2.75/scripts/addons/", line 3540, in invoke
  File "/home/zanqdo/Blender/build_linux/bin/2.75/scripts/addons/", line 3488, in execute[splines_unordered[order_idx]].select = True
KeyError: 0

location: <unknown location>:-1



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I was easily able to repeat this error using both the op's .blend & start from clean blender file.