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When activating and using Bsurfaces GPL Edition Add-on Ctrl+Z/ Undo stops working
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System Information
Windows 8.1 64 bits

Blender Version
Broken: 2.75 c6b042b

Short description of error

When enabling BSurfaces and once it is used for once, Undo/ctrl+Z breaks. Once done that, even if the add-on is disabled it remains broken.

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error
I have tried it loading factory settings and just doing the enabling and using of the Bsurfaces add-on and it reproduces every time and in other computers.

Please any help with this issue will be very much appreciated thus my workflow greatly depends on Bsurfaces and Undo.

Thanks in advance, you guys do an amazing work.



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Sorry, maybe i must have tagged it in Addons Bugs. It is my first bug report. Sorry

I cant reproduce the issue actually. I've just enabled Bsurfaces addon from the default cube scene, moved cube couple of times and hit ctrl-z and it worked. I also don't see any keymap modifications happening in the addon source.

CC-in developer of the addon anyway.

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hi, not sure if this relates to the addon or grease pencil.
there's no turn off global undo call in bsurfaces,
That said, I'm able to reproduce the error with & without bsurfaces use.

Maybe I have not explained myself correctly, it stops working once you have used bsurfaces, not only enabling it, it has to be used.

I was able to reproduce the error without using bsurfaces.
however in a new session unable to reproduce.
I did find some lines in bsurfaces using global undo,
they might be turning off global undo then not turning back on.
It's worth investigating further,
lines 3205 & 3204 in bsurfaces may be near the issue.

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