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Image Texture Node Clipping Bug
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System Information
Debian AMD64, fglrx

Blender Version
Broken: current git

Short description of error
The new "Clip" option for image extrapolation on the Image Texture Node does not clip UVs that are >1.0, which is not correct. (Alpha should be 0.0 here)
On the other hand it does UV clipping for UVs <0.0, which is correct.

If you need an example .blend please tell me, but probably this should be trivial to fix.

Thank you!

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Yes that .blend would be nice

Press F12 to render it. (The viewport doesn't respect the new "Clip" option. It always has the "Repeat" mode. Maybe I should file a separate bug report for this?)
I'm using a second UV map called decal.
The sphere should mostly be covered by the sand texture. Only in the middle it should have the stone texture.

This is my rendered image:

At the top right of the stone texture it bahaves like the "Extend" option, which should not happen.

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