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Rigify: Bone Heat Weighting: failed to find solution for one or more bones
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System Information
Window 7 x64, i7-4820, Nvidia gtx780, 32gb ram

Blender Official Version
Broken: 2.75a c27589e and in 2.76RC2 e24ea81
Worked: 2.70a f93bc76

After generating rig with Rigify, the parenting with automatic weights fail to assign weights.
It still works in official 2.70a but not since 2.75 maybe earlier. Manual weight painting still works.
Automatic weight still works with other with non-rigify armature.

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error
Parent(Ctrl+P) the rig to the model with automatic weights: (Ctrl+P not executed in this file yet)



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Bone Heat Weighting is not a guaranteed process, it can fail in some cases… We already have a report about it, will merge this one in.

Actually, with 2.70 it is a guaranteed process. Since 2.75 it doesn't work at all. And that is only with a Rigify generated rig.
Most Rigify Video Tutorials including payed once are even based on that process.

It's not just some bones failing but all of them.