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Object parented to a bone changes its location after another parenting to the same bone.
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Ubuntu 14.04 x64
nVidia GT620

  • Open the file (look at the left 3D view)
  • There're two objects and an armature. The plane of the top "A" is parented to the bone. Move the bone, the objects moves.
  • Select the plane "B", down the bone. Parent to the bone: the plane "A" changes its location with no reason, you can see in the right 3D view.

I don't know why this is happening. Both objects have no modifiers, no vertex groups, applied rot-scale, armature with default loc-rot-scale.

I didn't make this file from scratch, but I cleaned my file to make it almost as a new scene.



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Thanks for the report, but no bug here. your bone has 'Relative Parenting' set ('Relations' panel of bone properties), so when you parent to bone (without relative) new object, you unset that setting, which explains why previously parented object goes flying away…

Sorry about this. I have not clear what that option means... but it's ok.