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Collada does not import DAE files from Autodesk FBX Converter
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System Information
Mac mini 2012 late, OS X 10.11, Intel HD Graphics 4000

Blender Version
Worked: 2.76b

Short description of error
DAE importer can not import the DAE files generated by Autodesk FBX converter.

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error

  1. Download
  2. Import into Blender 2.76b.
  3. The bug happen.

I have found a trick to import and export most of my FBX files successfully, bone directions and animation channels are all fine, here is the steps:

  1. Export a DAE file with Autodesk FBX Converter.
  2. Edit the DAE file, delete the contents of these xml fields: <library_images>, <library_materials> and <library_effects>
  3. Import the modified DAE file to Blender 2.76b, setup materials and textures, do whatever you want.
  4. Export to FBX file.

This is the blend file generated via the above steps:

FBX reported issue, just for archive

FBX import script has scale issue - the scale of skeleton does not match the scale of the mesh.
FBX import script has orientation issue - the orientation of skeleton does not match the orientation of the mesh.

  1. Download
  2. Import into Blender 2.76b.
  3. The bugs happen.

I have verified the exported FBX file with Unity 5.0.0f4, it works as I expect.



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Please do not report several issues at once! This makes tracking them much more complicated.

Also, please always check with the latest build from our buildbot before making a report, your FBX bugs have been reported and fixed something like one week ago already.

Will update the title and description to only collada part of the report…

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Sergey Sharybin (sergey) triaged this task as Normal priority.Nov 24 2015, 10:50 AM

According to the Collada specifications It looks like the collada file makes an invalid reference to an image. When i remove the image reference from the dae file then i can import the dolphin here. Maybe the dae file references the wrong collada version (it says it used version="1.4.1").

I found a reference to the very same issue in the OpenCollada bug tracker which also says that the Autodesk file creates a collada file that does not comply to the specifications:

I will now check if we can teach openCollada to treat this as a warning and not an error.

Gaia Clary (gaiaclary) lowered the priority of this task from Normal to Needs Information from User.Feb 16 2018, 5:11 PM

The demo files have been removed, so i can not check if this issue has been resolved or not. Please can you resubmit the missing files, so that i can test again?


if you refer to this file:

then Blender now reports:

Image not found: dtexture.png.
Couldn't find an image by UID.

So i suspect this issue is fixed ?

No answer since ages, more than time to close!