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Vertex Paint Mode: Better control for setting the vertex color
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Benefits: Gives artist ability to apply a color, giving subtle effects instead of simply replacing the current color.

Description: Currently in vertex paint mode, the Set Vertex Color operator has no options, faces can be selected and assigned a color.

Possible options for this operation:

  • Alpha
  • Blend Mode (Add/Multiply/Subtract... etc)

Challenges: Extend logic for setting the vertex colors, re-use existing code for color blending.


To Do

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Hi, I am super interested in this functionality, I was thinking about finishing up this diff and it seems that there is overlap here.

Is it worth working on the diff?

If so, what is the etiquette of updating someone else's work?

Eli (elil17) closed this task as Resolved.
Eli (elil17) claimed this task.

Checked in 2.77a release, saw that this was already working.