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Import CSV animation
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TVPaint is a proprietary, pixel-based, 2D cartoon animation drawing program. It has a .csv export format, specially to export the animation into other applications. CSV is a plain text spreadsheet format (=comma separated values). The exported files are: png pictures in a folder and an exposure sheet in a csv file. The animation is layered, and the pictures are randomly reusable on any frames.

My addon is an importer for this format, based on the "Images as planes" and the Gimp import addons . Each picture is an individual plane object with its own image texture. I used animated visibility and renderability: on picture changes, it switches off the old picture and switching on the new one. Additionally, since each picture is a separate object, there are no frozen picture problems in the 3D editor, like with the image sequence textures.

It creates a new scene and a matching orthographic camera optionally.

There are two main modes:

1: It creates Compositing nodes and puts each layer on separated render layers. With this solution, many blending modes are possible for the layers.

2: It creates everything on the same, current layer and emulates some layer blending modes through material and texture settings. The supported blending modes are: Color, Add and Screen, and also in Cycles, Multiply. But these are a kind of fake.

30 AUG 2016 version:



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This .csv format import/export is also available now in Krita from version 3.0.

I think yes, I made a link to this addon on the TVPaint forum: so people can find it.

On this same forum I have an addon for Moho (former Anime Studio) too. In Krita, this is a built-in format. I can't see how many peoply are actually using these, but there were a few downloads.

@Fazekas Laszlo (totoro) hi, thanks for fast reply, It looks like this might have a somewhat limited userbase atm. I think it's currently best to keep this as an external addon for those that may use it.
Thanks for your participation, Currently I'm cleaning up & archiving old addons tracker tasks & I'll need to archive this task.
Feel free to submit new addons during the 2.8 series of Blender.
Thanks again.
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