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Crash when selecting high density imported scan model
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This is a duplicate of T47537 due to me meaning to attach the .blend file but neglecting to do so.

System Information
Windows 10
NVIDIA GeForce 960M

Blender Version
Broken: 2.77 test2
Worked: 2.76

Short description of error
Downloaded a model of a scan from as an obj. Imported the obj into blender. When I right click to select Blender immediately crashes. The same process in 2.76 does not result in a crash.

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error
Right click on the model



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Cannot confirm any crash here (neither with integrated intel GPU nor with nvidia gtx850m)… And mesh is valid too.

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  • Give us your exact Blender, OS and GPU (including drivers) versions, as requested in the template!
  • Ensure both your OS and drivers are fully up-to-date.
  • Try the latest build from our buildbot.
  • Try to start Blender in factory settings (--factory-startup commandline option) (this will ensure whether this is a userpref or addon issue or not).
  • Try to tweak OGL settings in UserPreferences, System tab.
  • Try to tweak your GPU driver settings (e.g. try different values between 'performance' and 'quality' if you have such slider, etc.).
  • Attach as text file here the report generated by Help -> System Info (do not paste it directly in comment).
  • Launch Blender from the command line with -d option and attach as text file here any error printed out in the console (do not paste it directly in comment).
  • Try to place this dll next to your blender.exe (software OGL, will be slow, but will show whether this is a driver issue or not).

Blender version: 2.76.11 (2.77 test build 2)
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M driver version 361.91. This is the latest driver available
OS: Windows 10v1511 (build 10586.104)

Downloaded blender-2.76-1a7b9ce-win64 from buildbot link, crash still occurs.

--factory-startup switch still results in crash

Output from -d switch attached below

putting linked opengl32.dll into blender path did allow for selection without crash but causes blender to become completely unresponsive.

Yes, software driver will not be usable with such a huge mesh for sure! But it shows bug is with the driver, a priori

Now, did you try playing with Blender's OpenGL settings, and your driver’s settings, as suggested above? You may especially try a different “Selection method” in Blender settings…

The thing is that it DOES work in 2.76b, so what changed? I've attached output files from both 2.76b and 2.77test2 so you can see what I mean.

Went in and fiddled with the selection types in Blender system settings and got it to select without crashing

It will select the mesh if 'Selection' is set to 'OpenGL Occlusion Queries'
If I set it to 'OpenGL Select' or 'Automatic' Blender crashes. 2.76b is set to 'Automatic' without risking a crash.

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Yeah well… OpenGL in 2.77 is not exactly the same as in 2.76 (and maybe automatic choice is different to for your GPU, but I doubt that).

Anyway, this is driver limitation, afraid we cannot do much here, nice there is a workaround at least.