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2.77 "Select Random" is broken
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System Information
Win7 64bit, Geforce 960

Blender Version
Broken: 2.77
Worked: in previous versions

Short description of error
"Select Random" selects the same objects(in Object Mode) / elements(in Edit Mode), over and over again.

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This is because its always using the same random seed, change the seed if its important to get different results each time.

martin me (martinme) reopened this task as Open.Mar 28 2016, 2:23 PM

In earlier Blender versions "Select Random" works without having to choose a different seed for each new "Select Random" operation.
Looks like before "Randomize Timer" was used but now it's simply just "Randomize".
In my eys absolutely inadequate for this select function.
If I want to select randomly I don't want to select the same as before !
For that I would hit "Select The Same Again" what would be totaly nonsense.

Sorry, I mean, I can't imagine a situation where it would make sence.

There is a good reason for it.
As for now you like something pure random.
But maybe sometime, you or someone elese like a result and would like to repeat it
That wouldnt be possible if the random wasnt seed based.
Well all computer random number generates use a see, (results are put back to buildup newer pseudo numbers on.
So basicly each seed, a group of numbers.
Such group who look randomly but follow a pattern as set by a seed value are also used in games

Now the number is incremented each time. So if you want to repeat a random selection, you can set it back one (or remember the number).