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Background image offset Y depends on image aspect ratio
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Short description of error
It seems background image offset Y doesn't work as expected.

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error
Create a new rectangular image, for example 400x600 pixels
Add it to view 3d as background image
Set size to 4, so width will represents 4 units and height 6 units
Set Y offset to 2, the image will be shifted to 3 because aspect ratio is 1.5. To get a shift of 2 units we need to set Y offset to 1.3333


Differential Revisions
D1893: fix T48034
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possible fix D1893?

Current code works as intended, changing will break files, this is more of a TODO.

Not directly linked but I've also noticed that in Blender 2.74 and prior with a background image size set to 1 the image width represents 2 units but since v2.75 a size of 1 gives an image width of 1 units. I think it's better but can't find any information about this change and it also broke files or addons.