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Animating sequencer speed affects itself
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System Information
Win7 Pro x64, 32gb, i5 6600, 2x 970 GTX 2gb

Blender Version
2.77 22a2853

Short description of error
I was trying out to do a dynamic slowmotion effect by making a cube bounce drop over frame 1-60 (2 sec at 30fps) and have the time slow down to 10% short before the first bounce.
But the result I got from animating the 'Speed factor' in the sequencer made the slowdown affect it's own F-Curve as it seems since the 10% point should have been reached 1 frame before the bounce but was actually reached several frames before.
The slowdown was also supposed to revert after this bounce reached it's peak and went over into the 2nd bounce, but this point was reached before the 1st bounce even touched the ground.

It seems to very counterintuitive to me that this is going as it does and I can't figure out where to place the curve points due to having to refresh the sequencer after every single change since they are being mapped to the resulting timeline instead of the original one.

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Something I forgot to also mention: clicking the little lock icon in the F-Curve editor to make the speed curve not affect the result does actually not stop it from affecting the result, it does either way for some reason.
It works for the cube's location though.

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You really need to be using two different scenes if you're going to be playing around with speed/time.

  1. The scene with the cube motion - That should not have any sequencer stuff in it at all
  2. The "sequencer scene" - This one is the one which contains the scene strip referencing #1, and is where you do any time animation.

That doesn't work either. I've created a 2nd scene called "Time", removed all sequencer stuff from "Scene", referenced "Scene" in "Time" and set the speed curve again, and it desynced exactly the same way : (
I have updated the blend file which this approach.