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Adress boundary error given bad input
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The camera object has a "getScreenPosition" function (API link) that "Gets the position of an object projected on screen space."

If you give it "None" instead of an argument it crashes instead of exiting gracefully.

Here is blendfile that reproduces the bug.



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Blender 2.77a
Arch linux
Intel i915
/tmp/crash.txt :

# Blender 2.77 (sub 0), Commit date: 2016-04-05 18:12, Hash abf6f08
bpy.context.space_data.show_syntax_highlight = True  # Property
bpy.context.object.text =["Text"]  # Property

# backtrace
blender(BLI_system_backtrace+0x30) [0x1366040]
blender() [0x9e1f39]
/usr/lib/ [0x7f78ba698330]
blender(_ZNK13KX_GameObject20NodeGetWorldPositionEv+0) [0x1589790]
blender(_ZN9KX_Camera19PygetScreenPositionEP7_object+0x85) [0x157ce75]
/usr/lib/ [0x7f78c578d591]
/usr/lib/ [0x7f78c578e9e2]
/usr/lib/ [0x7f78c578eac3]
/usr/lib/ [0x7f78c578eaeb]
blender(_ZN20SCA_PythonController7TriggerEP16SCA_LogicManager+0x104) [0x15fe444]
blender(_ZN16SCA_LogicManager10BeginFrameEdd+0xa3) [0x15f9573]
blender(_ZN15KX_KetsjiEngine9NextFrameEv+0x272) [0x1593692]
blender() [0x1513567]
blender(StartKetsjiShell+0xbc0) [0x15142f0]
blender() [0xad65f0]
blender() [0x9eb64f]
blender() [0x9ec90d]
blender() [0x9eccd9]
blender() [0x9ed198]
blender(wm_event_do_handlers+0x3d6) [0x9ed6a6]
blender(WM_main+0x18) [0x9e4988]
blender(main+0xf20) [0x9c1c80]
/usr/lib/ [0x7f78ba685710]
blender(_start+0x29) [0x9e1999]

Blender 2.76.9 works fine.