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Hi there,

I've been an XSI User for years and, even if Blender is really a great program, I was really missing the keyboard configuration. This is why I created an XSI keyboard configuration for Blender. I thought you might whant to include it with the Maya and the 3DS max preset already avalible in Blender.

I don't think it is really an add on, but I sent an E-mail and Ton Roosendaal told me to post it here. If there is any bugs in it I accept to correct them, but I don't see how bugs could happens in a shortcut presets throught.

Anyway, I would really appreciate to see this preset in a futur version of Blender. It would be very usefull to me.


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@Julian Eisel (Severin), can you organize review by the UI team? :)

Just added a few new shortcut I forgot yesterday!

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@Bruno de Coninck (bdec) hi, hopefully in 2.8 we will have a better way to handle keymap designs