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In Image Render time geometry renders with serious artifacts, in 3D view everything works fine.
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System Information

MacPro 2008
OS X 10.11.4
2x GTX 970
2 x 2.8 Ghz Quad Core Xeon
NVIDIA web driver

Blender Version
Blender 2.77

Short description of error
Certain parts of the mesh do not render correctly in render mode with CPU and GPU
while in 3D viewport everything renders fine with CPU and GPU.

Here is link to the design file - just hit image render and you will see the issue.]



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The same render artifact also happens when using CPU and GPU in Image render time on windows 10 with the official Blender build.

It seems to me that maybe the file got corrupted.

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Sphere.000 has different viewport / render visibility for some modifiers, if you make those match it renders the same.

Tested on Win 7 AMD X3 455, R7 360, blender build 3045011.

However, the thing is the I've noticed that Two Boolean Modifiers (V Section and H Section) have different settings between 3D View and render - is that intended?

Disabling the Render visibility on two Boolean Modifiers seems to fix it.

EDIT: Brecht already answered. :)

Shoot me - how did I overlook that. Thats sad.

sorry for this non sense post gents!