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Lattice Shapekeys broken
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System Information
GNU/Linux 64 bit (Fedora 23) on Intel CPU/Nvidia GPU

Blender Version
Broken: Current Git master 24712b1c0b20c84caab47fcfae83b7998e272aa6 (I think)
Worked: 2.77a and previous

Short description of error
Lattice Shapekeys value slider is ignored, instead, lattice displays selected shapekey on tab tab or file load

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error
Based on bug.blend attached here:

  1. download the bug .blend
  2. select Lattice.001 and move the Value Slider in the Lattice Shapekey block around
  3. select each Key and tab/tab to observe the results
  4. extra credit (and how I observed the bug), select the Bone Bone (it's in pose mode)
  5. observe the shapekey driver on Lattice Lattice changing its debug values
  6. observe that the actual lattice does not change.



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thanks Campbell! Blender devs continue to amaze with the speed of bugfixing :D