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DXF import incorrect
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The import of a DXF file is wrong.
All objects are not imported correctly.

Sample of DXF-FIle can be downloaded here:

  1. Blkbg_DG_BTC.dxf
  2. Blkbg_EG_BTC.dxf

My e-mail:

Thanks for help

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As you can see on the screenshot I tested with the latest version and it still does no import the file correctly. It might be due to your geometry being offset A LOT. When I go into edit mode and look at a vertex. It's not even displayed correctly since the coordinate seems to be large. I only see 10'000/10'000. ... Probably too much for curves in Blender? There is no support to import it directly as a mesh so far since usually curves are enough and this is also how a user can select more transparently how curves should be "rasterized" to a mesh.

Richard Antalik (ISS) changed the task status from Confirmed to Needs Information from User.Fri, Feb 14, 10:15 PM

@Kay Golze (Kay_Golze) can you upload files to this site? Links provided are not available.

Or if anybody has file that demonstrate this issue, please provide sample files